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Calculate properties on any molecule in an instant. Available online and free for academic use.

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With Envision you can calculate and compare properties of molecules,  explore reaction pathways, measure bonds and angles, edit geometries, and export images and videos

Supporting Educators

Envision is free for academic use

Our goal is to empower the chemical intuition of students and academic researchers worldwide. Envision is built by educators, for educators, and is free for academic use with support from Schmidt Futures.

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Easily search or upload molecules

Upload your own molecules with XYZ, SDF/MOL, ChemDraw XML file formats or search for any common name like "caffeine" in PubChem.

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Explore chemical properties in seconds

Envision is powered by our unique Sierra platform, which enables interactive computation of electronic structure properties.

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Share your molecules

Envision is built with collaboration in mind. Any molecule can be shared publicly with a link, or embedded on websites and teaching materials — it even works for properties. Try playing around with the molecule here, it's interactive! Or click the link below to view a public molecule.

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Educators love Envision

“Easier for the students to navigate”

The interface on Envision is much easier for the students to navigate than what we were using before. I am working on the lab handout and I am deleting literal PAGES of instructions about how to calculate and view MO’s in other software and replacing them with one sentence that says “Click on the orbitals tab from the lefthand menu”.

Ashley Ringer McDonald
Associate Professor Chemistry at Cal Poly
“Best computational chemistry tool”

I used it in my class as part of the Course Innovation Project last semester and it is probably one of the best computational chemistry tools I have used.

Shuai Sun
Assistant Professor Chemistry at University of Kansas

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